“We The People Jeans” by Susan Fixel of Bejeweled

Susan Fixel, the designer behind Bejeweled has expanded her range to include WE THE PEOPLE JEANS, a ‘must have’ brand amongst celebrities worldwide.

We the People jeans are domestically manufactured in the US and are one of the few brands allowed to feature Swarovski crystals in their innovative designs.

Every pair of jeans is constructed from the highest quality premium denim and tailored with perfected signature cuts.

Emphasis on sexy, modern silhouettes and custom fits ensures “We the People jeans” stay true to classic styles whilst hitting key trends

Selling dates: Mid July – Mid September 2008

Bejeweled Fall 2008 Glam Rock Collection

Bejeweled is USA’s leading brand of embellished tops and coordinates featuring Swarovski crystals.

Bejeweled incorporates these crystals along with an innovative use of colors and their own trademarked graphics to create this truly unique collection.

Fall 2008 has chic, edgy styles, inspired by people, places and events that are random and unforeseen. These glitzy and glamorous designs are taking over the fashion scene to make up the “glam rock” collection of Bejeweled.

Bejeweled has included new velour hoodies and pants, cotton dresses, and terry lycra pants with jewel transfers to its already fun and flirty collection.

The collection includes a variety of colors such as pearl blue, ivy, charcoal grey, crimson, and chestnut.

Bejeweled can be found in 46 countries and specialty boutiques around the world including Harrods London UK.