Hermès is a world-famous French brand that makes one of the best and highest quality silk neckwear in the world. Each Hermes batch is distinct and they are often traded by collectors like us.

You will find Hermes ties are a part of almost every executive collection. Men who know their fashion can usually recognize the Hermes tie in one look, and it speaks a lot about the one who’s wearing it.

We have had Hermes ties from $150 to $400, and each of them has its own story. Its very important to buy Hermes only from a reputed place, and we would like to warn you that there are a lot of counterfeit Hermes that come from EBay.

Here are a few things about geniune Hermes ties:

  1. The trademark feature of an Hermès tie is that it is made from only 2 pieces, cut by hand, the large side and the small side, rather than 3 pieces generally used by competitors
  2. The interlining of Hermès ties always matches the background or base color from the front of the tie
  3. A piece of buckram is used as the interlining for longevity and gives the tie a subtle forward swell
  4. The tie is stitched with ONLY a single thread with no knotting during assembly, which creates the loop found at each end of the tie
  5. Tie reference printed on the back of the small side corresponds to the design number, the letters indicate the mark of the craftsman who finished the tie by hand.